Your in-kind gift in any amount is most valuable for us!

AFWW accepts the following types of in-kind gifts:

No Type Details
1 Vehicle Van for children transportation, motorbikes for outreach mobilization, bus formobile centers for street children’s. Cars (preferably 4 Wheel Drive). Bicycles forchildren,​
2 Furniture AFWW will consider donations of furniture that can be used by Children in our
residential program or used by staff at our program sites. Due to storage
limitations, we cannot accept furniture that is not immediately needed by
children or staff. AFWW cannot provide transportation for these items.
3 Technology AFWW accepts contributions of technology only when they comply with our
existing network requirements and our staff or Children needs. We do not accept
obsolete or incompliant technology, or items that are missing necessary
components. Before accepting a gift of IT Equipment’s, it must first be reviewed
and approved by our IT Administrator.
4 Clothing AFWW generally accepts new clothing for children and adults. Gently used clothing is considered on an individual basis so If you have extra used cloth and you no longer need it so please give us to help vulnerable children and youth in Pakistan
5 Holiday Gifts Gifts intended for holiday like (Eid, RAMADAN, BAKRAEID, Christmas etc.) giving must be new and wrapped in their original packaging. They must be age-appropriate and aligned with our children’s recreational and educational needs. For more information about holiday giving opportunities, please contact ghazala at
6 Sports Equipment Soccer/football, football kits (shoes, apparel, first aid boxes, training equipment’s) cricket kits (Bats, tennis balls, wickets), basket balls, table tennis, sports shoes, indoor games, badminton, etc.
7 Hygiene kits Soaps, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, smallest travel-size sewing kit, Hand sanitizer, Lotion, small towel
8 Stationary and School Supplies School bags, children’s reading books, pens, pencils, pens, paint colours, crayons, drawing books, rulers, erasers, glue, writing paper, colouring paper, notebooks, exercise books, story books, children’s school chairs, flash-cards paint brushes, Arts & Crafts resources, etc.
9 Nutrition supplements Energy Drinks, juices and packed milk, fibers cookies, multivitamins
10 IT Equipment & Supplies Desktop & laptops computers, ipads, projectors, video cameras, mobile phones, diesel generators, printers, photocopiers, digital cameras, piano keyboards, violin, acoustic/electric drum set, electric guitars etc.