Street children resource center (Digital)

At present Azad foundation is working on several projects in Pakistan on protection, prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of children connected to the streets to change their lives and bringing out of street.

You can choose any of our projects in particular or general to help as a Partner. If you would like to prefer a particular project to help, we can allocate your funds for that specific component that most close to your objectives.

All the information about our latest projects is on this website. Kindly let us know your particular requirements regarding your donations. You may please contact us via You can do this for single or regular donations.

Alternatively, you may leave it to us to allocate your funds to use on priority basis where it’s most needed at the time. You can rest assured that you are helping us to fund local projects run by local people. We work directly with those in greatest need on the ground,
Our partner organizations, governments and other official bodies recognize and value the fantastic work done by azad foundation. None of it would be possible without the support of people or organization like you.

Every year thousands of children are helped through our work. Lives are change; children are enhancing their lives through income generation, shelters, rehabilitation and reintegration in society. They are provided life skills education to protect themselves against sexual abuse and violence and so much more.

And above all, our programs are helping children to help themselves. By working to enable children to stand on their own feet and making their dreams come true. Your money is helping street children to overcome poverty, help their families and look forward to a better future.

Capacity to design and implement child protection related interventions has always been a question mark in both private and public sectors especially for addressing street children. Azad Foundation street children resource center will be the main source of capacity building of all relevant partners in all project areas, the children, the communities involved and its own staff members. It will develop training programmes in child rights and child protection thematic areas and areas of project management and monitoring and evaluation to enhance capacities of abovementioned. It will further develop courses for students and government/ngo professionals of levels beginner and advance. These training programmes will focus on relevant stakeholders in public and private sectors. The resource center will build its resource person based by engaging top level professionals as resource developers for aforementioned programmes who will also prepare master trainers for course delivery.

If you need more details (like LFA, project proposal and details budget) please contact